The History of American Poetry

The red informs its visitors with facts and details about the history of American poetry. The history of this poetry rejects back to the 17th century, as the first efforts of the colonists added their voices to English poetry. This occur before the constitutional unification of the U.S thirteen colonies. In the 19th century an American idiom of poetry began to emerged. Postcolonial poetry is the body of literature writings, which reacts to the discourse of colonization. This type of poetry often involves literature that provides issues related to colonization and cultural independence of people. The first poet of the independent United States was called William Cullen Bryant, who wrote poems for a bookstore related to forests and prairies. During this century there were several poets who explored the traditions and landscape of their country as material for their poetry.

Great American poetry forms part of the American literature. American literature is literary work or writing that is produced in the United States and preceding colonies. The literary tradition of this poetry had begun linked to the broader tradition of the English literature. Nowadays, the American modern poetry characteristics of its production is consider a separate tradition and path. This literary work is available at a bookstore or a library. In France, there is a famous Paris bookstore called Red Wheelbarrow, which offers a large selection of this poetry.

The American Poetry Association is an organization of literature that was founded by editors, poets and artists in the year 1910. This organization is known as one of the oldest organizations in the U.S. A very known poetry anthology which focuses on the third generation of American poets was called "The New American Poetry". Here, at the red you will gather all information about the best American poetry.

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